Our Approach to Quality & Safety

Nearly fifty years since our establishment, we have devoted ourselves to protecting time-honored and traditional production techniques; to valuing the natural vitality of people, nature, and objects; and to respecting the power of nature. We are strongly opposed to genetic modification and offer organic choices wherever possible. None of our products contain artificial additives or preservatives. We are dedicated to supplying authentic Japanese products of premium quality, made with care and commitment to artisanship and tradition.

Based on our steadfast commitment to these values, we want to introduce the traditional tastes of and values behind our carefully selected authentic Japanese products to as many people as possible. This prompted us to be among the first companies in Japan to seek out organic certification for our products, from 1986 onwards. In 2009, we introduced an ISO22000-certified food safety management system.

Today, the market is flooded with products made by quick, cheap, mass production methods. Despite this, we refuse to compromise on quality or safety. Instead, we work ensure we keep abreast of all the latest international regulations, making revisions to our policies and procedures as necessary. This means that we are compliant with the very latest in traceability and safety standards. We aim to offer a product line-up that covers the following:

  • Certified organic Japanese foods
  • Macrobiotic quality Japanese foods
  • Kosher certified Japanese foods
  • Traditional/natural Japanese foods and kitchenware
  • Ingredients for natural foods manufacturing
*Organic and Kosher certifications are awarded to individual products; for further details, please see each individual product page.

ISO 22000

ISO 22000In February 2009, Mitoku’s Export Division was awarded ISO 22000 certification. ISO 22000 is an international standard, developed by the International Organization for Standardization, designed to define, standardize and control food quality and safety management systems.

The ISO 22000 standard supersedes previous requirements by extending its scope beyond individual production departments, encompassing instead all organizations in the supply chain, from the producers of raw ingredients to the transportation companies that move finished products, even to retail outlets that stock finished products. This comprehensive system is known as the “food chain”, or “from farm to table”.

Along with 13 of our producers we have developed an HACCP*based food safety management system. Our goal is to encourage more of our producers to participate in the system, thereby further increasing levels of food safety. At Mitoku, we aim to maximize consumer trust and satisfaction by continuing to provide a safe, stable supply of premium quality products.

* HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, a systematic approach designed to identify potential hazards during food production, analyze the best means of management, and secure food production safety through appropriate management.