Wasabi Products

wasabi-plateWasabi, popular for its fiery kick, aroma and flavor, is a condiment that belongs to the mustard family, alongside horseradish. As well as complementing a wide range of dishes as a flavor accent, wasabi is said to have beneficial properties, such as eliminating the odor of seafood and helping to prevent food poisoning.

These properties, alongside its fresh, stimulating flavor and abundance of protein-digesting enzymes, are why wasabi has long been enjoyed with sushi and sashimi.

In Japan, the pale green flesh of wasabi root is finely grated and used fresh. Unique to the islands of Japan, fresh wasabi root is rare and expensive. Powdered wasabi, or a mixture of horseradish, mustard and wasabi, is a convenient substitute for the fresh root. Unlike many wasabi powders and pastes, which often contain no wasabi, Mitoku’s wasabi products are all made with authentic organic wasabi to ensure that unmistakable intensity of flavor. Mitoku’s wasabi products are also free from the colorings and preservatives often added to other wasabi products.

  • Organic Wasabi Paste

    • Organic

    Mitoku’s wasabi paste is a ready-to-use organic wasabi paste that contains authentic, organic Japanese wasabi without any artificial preservatives, dyes, or colorings, making it the finest quality wasabi paste on the market today. The whole wasabi plant is used

  • Organic Wasabi Powder

    • Organic
    • Kosher

    Mitoku’s wasabi powder, made with authentic organic wasabi, perfectly captures the distinctive bite of this strong, aromatic spice.

  • Organic Yuzu Wasabi Paste

    • Organic

    Mitoku’s yuzu wasabi is an innovative condiment that combines the aromatic sweetness of yuzu with the heat of authentic organic wasabi. The citrus notes from the yuzu moderate the sharpness of the wasabi,

  • Organic Yuzu Pepper Paste

    • Organic

    Another new addition to Mitoku’s range of spicy condiments. This paste combines the bold heat of chilli and citrus bite of yuzu. Its refreshing burst of heat helps highlights the flavors of other ingredients,

Yuzu fruit

P17_09Yuzu is a highly fragrant Japanese citrus, with a tart flavor reminiscent of grapefruit with hints of orange blossom. The zest and juice of this versatile fruit are used extensively in cooking, and are equally at home in savory and sweet dishes. Yuzu juice is often blended create seasonings and dipping sauces, such as yuzu ponzu. Its bright and aromatic zest is used as a garnish, or increasingly in baking and desserts. In addition to its intense, floral-like fragrance and fresh, sweet-sour flavor, yuzu also boasts high levels of vitamin C.

Mix wasabi paste about 10 minutes before you begin eating. It is best to prepare only as much as you plan to use, because the flavor weakens over time. In a small cup or custard bowl mix a small amount of water with the wasabi powder to make a paste (about 1 part water to 2 parts powder). The paste should be thick, not runny. Cover the container, or turn it upside down on the counter and let it sit for 10 minutes to allow the flavor to heighten. Exposure to air will cause it to lose some of its flavor.

Whether using in powder or paste form, wasabi can add an accent to any dish. As well as traditional ways of using this condiment, such as mixing into shoyu for a simple dipping sauce, there is a wealth of wasabi possibilities; all you need to do is experiment. Try spicing up your normal dressings by adding a little wasabi, or mixing into an egg-free mayonnaise for a quick and easy wasabi dip. Just a little goes a long way with this condiment, so why not see how your dishes can be transformed with a touch of wasabi!

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