Instant Miso Soup


miso-cube-redMiso, a fermented soy paste, is one of the world’s most delicious, versatile, and medicinal foods. In addition to its superior taste, the daily use of miso is credited with numerous nutritional goodness. For instance, miso is loaded with good bacteria, resulted from fermentation, helping digestion, assimilating nutrients and immune system. It is a good source of protein too and has the essential amino acids necessary for a balanced diet. Miso is also known for its anti-cancer properties. Regularly consumption of miso is believed to be good for your well-being and the easiest way to get miso into your daily diet is taking instant miso soups. Based on over 40 years of expertizing in traditional Japanese foods, Mitoku offers the authentic instant miso soups, which are made from combining the Japanese fine traditional ingredients without using MSG.

Mitoku Instant Miso Soup comes in 3 different forms;paste, freeze-dried powder and freeze-dried block. Each makes a perfect cup of miso soup within in just one minute by pouring in hot water. It also comes very handy for office and school or anywhere because of their individual package.


  • Organic Freeze-dried Instant Miso Soup

    • Organic
    • Kosher

    A single serving miso soup in block, wrapped individually – produced using a  freezedry method which locks in the fresh flavor, aroma, color and nutrition of real miso soup. Two kinds available – the rich variety is traditionally made brown rice and Hacho miso with Wakame flakes. The white miso and tofu combination gives a milder satisfaction.

  • Freeze-dried Instant Miso Soup

    • Kosher

    Produced using a  freezedry method which locks in the fresh flavor, aroma and color of real miso soup and nutrition. This variety comes in powder form and there are two varieties – hearty red with Wakame flakes and mellow white with organic tofu. They are both comforting and revitalizing miso soup.

  • Organic Instant Miso Soup Paste

    • Organic
    • Kosher

    Comes in paste in handy sachet. Prepared with high quality organic dark miso – fully aged and umami-rich organic Hatcho miso and/or brown rice miso red -made using time-honored methods. The pastes come with Wakame flakes and organic green onions.

みそ汁While its extraordinary qualities have long been known in Japan, in recent years miso has come to be widely renowned internationally as a food that can be beneficial to well-being, thanks to its rich balance of enzymes, nutrients, and beneficial microorganisms.

Many claims have been made about miso’s healing powers, from aiding weak digestion to staving off radiation sickness and cancer, alleviating tobacco poisoning, improving over-acidity in the body, boosting libido, and helping to sooth intestinal infections. Today, modern medical science has begun to evaluate this nutritional powerhouse and its many healthful properties.

The reports and research listed below give an idea about miso beneficial aspects.

miso-soupThis method of preserving food is possible because under the right conditions water molecules in foods can change directly into a gas without first passing through a liquid phase. This process, called sublimation, involves freezing food under a vacuum, which allows the water to vaporize at a very low temperature. Freeze-dried miso retains an excellent flavor profile, because very little of the fresh taste is lost during the process. Moreover, along with the microorganisms, most of the medicinal components of miso are also preserved, because this type of drying removes water molecules from bioactive compounds without destroying their chemical integrity.

Freeze-dried miso, which is also an ingredient in Mitoku’s instant ramen broth, is sometimes called a “space age food,” because freeze-dried foods are often used by NASA for space travel. However, this type of food preservation has been used by the Japanese to make snow-dried tofu for hundreds of years. Freeze-dried foods were also a staple of the Peruvian Incas who freeze-dried vegetables at high altitudes in the Andes. However ancient, freeze-drying is a much better way of preserving miso and other fermented foods than simple heat dehydration, which works fine for fruits and vegetables, but greatly reduces the quality of delicate fermented foods.

To prepare, empty the contents of one sachet into a bowl or a cup and add approximately one cup of hot water. Stir well and leave to sit for a minute then serve. Add your favourite toppings for a taste improvement.