Product Concept

Honouring tradition

Mitoku selects only those products honoring traditional methods developed over generations to produce unchanged authentic tastes. Those recipes and tools are still used, and making principles are followed today among our producers and cared to maintain with their expertise knowledge, again, passed down through generations.

Our products, for instance miso, cannot be produced in the kind of quantities that modern chemical and mechanical production techniques allow; however, the quality of each batch is checked and cared for by master brewers who are committed to producing premium quality miso.

Respecting nature

Mitoku products cannot be produced without nature’s blessing under Japan’s four distinct seasons. People, the earth, and its natural resources all deserve our care and respect. This is why, wherever we can, we use ingredients that are grown organically, are naturally occurring, or are found in the wild. Our ongoing goal is to ensure that our customers enjoy food “as nature intended”.

No to synthetic, artificial food additives and chemical seasonings

Synthetic, artificial food additives and chemical seasonings are increasingly used to shorten production time and prolong product shelf life. We care about how our products affect the human body and nature, which is why we commit ourselves to only choose items without any unwanted extras. Made using environmentally sustainable and non-GM ingredients.

Pursuing food safety and quality

In February 2009, Mitoku’s Export Division was awarded ISO 22000 certification for Food Safety Management Systems. We are as involved as possible in out products from the raw ingredients stage, and carry out thorough checks to ensure traceability in both the country of origin and across the distribution process. Our accreditation is concrete proof that we have in place a framework that can ensure the safety and quality from the raw material stage.

Fair to the human and nature

Deforestation, global warming, sea pollution, the extinction of wildlife… our modern lifestyle may well be rich with material wealth, but it places and enormous burdens on the natural environment. We provide consumers with the opportunity to make choices that are kind to natural environment and everything in it.