Our Philosophy

Mitoku is a dedicated member of the organic food movement. We believe that organic food is always the best option and are opposed to the widening development and use of genetically engineering foods. Our commitment to quality will never be compromised by the pressure to compete with cheap, mass-produced profits. Providing the products needed to maintain the well-being of the individual and the health of the natural environment: this was the goal of Akiyoshi Kazama and Michio Kushi when they began trading over 40 years ago, and it remains our goal today and the following two logos have been symbolising Mitoku’s belief since.

Ishoku Dogen: ‘Food is Medicine’


Ishoku Dogen, this profound Japanese saying has been part of the Asian heritage of wisdom for thousands of years, and it is Mitoku Company’s guiding principle. Ishoku means literally “food and medicine”, dogen “from the same source”. This phrase encapsulates the idea that both that which we eat and that which heals us comes from the same source. It also implies “Food is the key to health” – being careful and aware about what we eat is the best way to halt illness in tracks. In other words, our approach to diet may have a great impact on our well-being.

Today, modern science and medicine have begun to agree with this ancient wisdom. More people are increasingly coming to understand the crucial importance of diet to well-being. From Macrobiotic point of view, what we eat, what’s in it, and how it’s prepared is so very important. Mitoku’s superior foods such as Hatcho miso, tamari soy sauce, green teas, umeboshi and many more are the products of our producers’ dedication. They use the finest ingredients, many are organic, the purest and most natural available. They are also committed to preserving the centuries-old traditions of their forefathers, and they carefully prepare their products using time-honored recipes and traditional preparations methods. At Mitoku we are continuously working to provide all these products that promote and sustain well-being. When you pick up Mitoku products, you are being introduced to the spirit of ishoku dogen. It is the very highest quality food we know.

‘Rice Circle’ – Rice is the perfect food for humankind

There is perhaps no better food than whole rice; half the world eats rice as their staple food, including Japan. The importance of rice in Japan is significant and it is demonstrated by the fact that the word, gohan, for “cooked rice” has the same meaning as “meal”.

In traditional Oriental medicine, rice is believed to have the perfect balance of yin and yang needed for the human body, with particular benefits for the brain and the nervous system. Modern science, too, has shown rice to be highly nutritious and easily digestible. Brown rice is an excellent source of B vitamins, including thiamine and niacin, as well as iron, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Combined with soy products, brown rice helps to replenish the body with essential amino acids and important enzymes.

The rice circle is a symbol of the integrity of Mitoku products as delicious and as wholesome as brown rice itself.