Message from President

We have entered a new age, one in which we must tackle environmental problems on a global scale. The food industry, of which we are a part, is intimately connected with both humankind and the natural environment. We must therefore strive to ensure our food is safe and secure, not least for the peace of mind of our customers, but also to contribute to health and to food education. It is only by doing so that we will be able to build the foundations for a rich and happy life in the future. This is why we believe it our duty, as a company dealing in food, to provide our customers with products which they can be confident are secure and safe.

Since our establishment in 1968, we have identified over forty of the finest producers in Japan—those who continue to honor traditional production methods and protect the authentic tastes of Japan. We have always insisted that our products are made without chemical colorings or preservatives, animal products, dairy products, or sugar, and focused on our core concept of ishoku dogen – food is medicine. Today, we export traditional Japanese food products to more than forty countries worldwide.

Our line-up of third-party accredited organic food products is increasing annually, and we are also dedicated to developing innovative products. Recently, we have been awarded the food safety-specific ISO 22000 certification, indicating our commitment to tackling food hygiene and hazard issues to a globally recognized standard.

At Mitoku, we honor tradition while seeking to deliver to our customers only the most authentic of those Japanese food products which meet the needs of the modern age. Taking this approach as our core principle, we will continue to operate our business and to make positive contributions to the global community.

Toyofumi Yoshida
President, Mitoku Co., Ltd.